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This sports gym in a cellar never saw such gay torture action. Two mad guys show the sadism on this poor tied boy. He has simply come to gym to grow up his biceps, but here he was met wicked guys.Dave and Darren are up for fun today. They have a painpig to play with and two arses that need a good licking. But painpig needs to earn that reward. The object of the exercise is total pain because the two sadists know they’ll get a better ass licking from their bottom that way. Bound to the weights bench they torment his dick and balls with clothes pegs to make it a real pain before turning their attention to his nipples and applying bulldog clips to them.
Darren’s hairy nuts need a clean next and both delicious globes are pressed into the bottom’s mouth. Darren makes a nice seat out of painpig’s mouth wriggling his young builder’s bare arse onto his mouth while Dave flogs the poor cunt….See more at fresh site – Brutal Tops!

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This male torture lover is subjected to a specialy treatment designed to prevent him from enjoying himself. Staff from Serious Bondage locks him into a special institutional diaper and then. After a two hours vicitm is further restrained in a Posey straitjacket and transported to a jail cell where he will spend the remainder of his treatment in total isolation. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM lovers as only available from Serious Male Bondage!

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The old male headmaster invited his favourite student over to his home as the boys mother was going away for a vacation. She waved goodbye to both of them and left the house. Not longer them five minutes has she left, the old man was perving on the cute teenage boy. Groping and prodding at his body the young guy told him to fuck off and leave him alone. The problem was the man was all turned on now and just had to have a nice tasty piece of his young ass. Pushing the teen boy onto the ground he whispered into his ear “gay torture” time and pushed his fingers up his ass. Tying him to the chair he was now able to have his way with him, it would be a most enjoyable night. Watch more here!

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The gay barman was serving up last drinks and there was only one customer left in his bar. The patron was a cute younger guy that he was starting to take a fancy to. He kept on getting him drunk as he found out the stud was straight, but he wanted his way with him anyway. Totally wasted the younger guy could hardly walk so now was the barman’s chance to have some fun with him. Locking the front door he then pounced on the lad and started to torture him. Holding him hard by the hair and forcing his big erect penis down his throat, he struggles and tries to avoid the cock. Now its time to lay down on the table and take the barman’s cock deep up his tight virgin asshole. More male torture scenes see on Bound Gods!

This scene is shooted at Northern California ridge. The idea of a state of the art jail in the middle of nowhere is enough to blow your kinky mind, but a bondage scene in the prison yard was way over the top. The first scene was a naked prisoner enduring the hot noon day sun, locked in the wooden stocks and strapped into a stress position. A willing guard keeps him company. Visit site for more vids and pics.

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The bald slave boy has a noose tightly strung around his neck and then a big juicy cock is pushed into his mouth. He is told to stop crying like a little faggot and to suck it like a good boy. He is now the older mans bitch as he continues to get face fucked. This is some extreme man torture as you can see by the hardcore fucking the bottom is getting in this movie. Strapped into a wooden harness, he is then hoisted up with one leg raised higher then the other. This gives his dominating master a nice angel for which he can peg him tightly in the ass and spunk his load of warm seed all over his pretty boy face. Scene provided by Bound Gods!

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Max was getting changed in the men’s locker room after a session pumping weights at the gym. He was all hot and sweaty so he took a shower to cool down. Una where that while he was bathing, a few of the gym queers were checking him and his hot nude body out. The were stroking their hard cocks and hatched a plan to apply some gay torture to him. They waited till he was alone in the change room and then they all struck at once. Wearing leather gas masks so that he couldn’t recognise them, they grabbed him and restrained him. Pinching and slapping his body, they then took turns to wank, suck and fuck him. Spreading his tight ass while they drilled him with their big gay cocks.

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Chained up in the meat works factory this bitch is handcuffed and has his hands hoisted above his head. Once lifted off the ground his master comes into the room with a harsh whip in one hand and his erect cock in the other. Pulling down the bitch’s pants he slaps the whip over his backside, each strike making a loud cracking sound. The submissive boy yells and screams out in pain but the gay torture only continues. Pulled down and then strapped to a wooden table, the boy then has clothing pegs attached to his testicals. These are then quickly ripped off which leave red wealts behind on his smooth skin. Visit Bound Gods for more slaves and masters!

Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin now pleads and begs to be allowed back to the kinky penthouse – he has become addicted to perverted Sebastian nice jerk-off-job. Older sucker for a cute face and perfect dick, Sebastian is powerless to refuse. This time Sebastian trades the handjob for more bondage and is soon tied and oiled up. Then begins an agonizing, slow hand-job which bring Tyler to the edge six times before Seb takes the moaning teen over the edge. Visit member site for full scenes or see more free clips on boy napped porn site. I`m lovin these dirty boys!

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Bud and Cirus play with the Ball Pillory in the afternoon sun. Full leather arm sleeves wrap around the post to add to the bondage. Finally tight metal clothespins are applied. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM players as only available from Serious Male Bondage.

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